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Our Credentials

Our team has guided the planning, implementation and valuation of unique projects across a wide array of urban sectors and jurisdictions around the globe. We have the ability to envision novel ways to interpret and resolve multi-disciplinary urban problems and to lead diverse interest groups and stakeholders through all stages in the lifecycle of a project.

Urban Counsel’s financial, technical and managerial skills apply across intersecting urban sectors including transit, transportation, utilities, and real estate. We offer empirical solutions, practical steps for implementation, and a unique portfolio of accomplishments over three decades of international practice.

Our global portfolio comprises expertise and work experience in the following regions:

  • North/Central/South America
  • Caribbean
  • Oceania
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Middle East

A sample of consulting assignments highlighting our credentials

  • Expert witness retained by the Chief Commissioner of State Revenue and the Crown Solicitor's Office for New South Wales, Australia, in litigation with respect to the valuation of Sydney International Airport in the Supreme Court of New South Wales.
  • Expert witness retained by Lockheed Martin Corporation in Los Angeles, California, in litigation with respect to the valuation of the B-6 plant (“Skunkworks”) acquired for expansion of Bob Hope Airport.
  • Expert witness retained by the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation in litigation with respect to the "fee simple, if unencumbered" value of the largest concentration of prime commercial office buildings in Canada (14 million square feet valued in excess of $5 billion).
  • Advisor to the World Bank, International Finance Corporation and Inter-American Development Bank on the actions necessary to privatize commercial and former military airports in Nigeria, Guyana and Panama, and to advise on the strategy to improve infrastructure coordination in Saudi Arabia.
  • Advisor to federal, state, provincial and municipal agencies in Canada, New York, Illinois, Indiana, Texas, Arizona and Florida, with respect to financing, marketing, construction, relocation, lease and sale of intermodal transportation facilities.
  • Guided a corporate re-engineering of the Airports Authority of Jamaica to define its roles and responsibilities in a privatized airport sector, including meeting its legislative and bilateral treaty obligations, regulatory and administrative duties, and compliance oversight of private entities that were operating airports as a for-profit enterprise making lease and license payments to the government.
  • Guided a corporate reorganization of the Court Clerk's Office in Broward County, Florida, comprising process mapping of all administrative practices, charting best practices in similar organizations across the United States, and developing a streamlined business and facilities management structure to reduce tax-funded operating expenses.
  • Expert witness on behalf of retail chains in the general merchandise, home improvement and food store categories, as well as publicly-traded and privately-held real estate development companies, recommending the timing and scope of development for new projects that would complement the mix and market share of competitive properties in a wide range of urban markets.

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