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The challenges of urban development and management assume different forms and express themselves in different ways around the world. Those differences, however, often conceal underlying patterns and conditions that are surprisingly similar. Once those similarities are exposed, it is far easier to look for solutions in the experiences and precedents set by others. The path to smarter urban development and management is with creative assimilation and adaptation of the lessons learned elsewhere.

At Urban Counsel we draw inspiration from global best-practices in the physical, financial, and operational expansion and extension of urban lands, mobility systems, and infrastructure networks. We have served as the sponsor of unique strategies and innovative systems to relieve the pressures of urban growth and support efficient urban development around the world.

Jeffrey Climans

Leadership Profile: Jeffrey Climans

The catalyst behind Urban Counsel's industry-leading advisory services is a practitioner in both the art and science of urban development and management. Jeffrey Climans has guided the planning and implementation of unique projects across a wide array of urban sectors and jurisdictions around the globe. He has the proven ability to envision novel ways to interpret and resolve multi-disciplinary urban problems and to lead both opposed and allied interests through the implementation process. Jeff has also elevated his technical skills in socio-economic research and financial analysis to the highest standards, evidenced by his unique portfolio of retainers as an expert witness on the value and use of unique infrastructure assets and commercial properties.


Urban Counsel is based in Toronto, Canada (416.500.4445). Please contact us by telephone, or by email ([email protected]).

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